Family Sessions

Colorful family portrait of Husband and Wife.

Families are important. However, capturing the memories before the time slips by is just as important while ensuring the connection is displayed in each image.  You can feel at ease with your session, knowing that each question and concerned has been planned with 

Greg Mitchum Photography

Kids Session

Kids portrait photography session. Great for back to school or activity portraits.

Kids grow up too fast these days. Before you know it they are off. Make sure that you are getting the best care in kid portraits  photography services, from back to school, birthdays, or gifts for loved ones during the holidays.  These sessions are fun and enjoyable for both you and the kids.

Senior / Graduation Sessions

Senior and Graduation portrait session.

All throughout Texas, people are reaching achievements.  High school senior to college grads, these moments should be captured. However, these session go in depth to collect more than just the cap and gown. 

Pet Session

Portrait of a pet. Pet portraits that are considered fineart.

Your pets' portraits are just as important to the family  as anyone else. Showcasing the love of your furry family member can be easy and fun with the experience of a certified portrait photographer. 

Fitness & Activity Session

Fitness and activity portrait session. Showcase your hard work and dedication to your health.

You have worked hard in your sport and activity. Make sure that your portrait photographer is working harder to highlight that with your photography images. Greg Mitchum will customize each portrait session catered to you, the activity, and location, while providing a fun and relaxing setting.

What Comes with my portrait Session?

 Communication is key. You will get the best service which will include, location planning, clothing and make-up options, image collecting planning, and so much more! Rest assure that are hiring a certified professional photographer for your portrait session which will be a fun and a relaxing experience.